Logas Beach

Logas Beach is one of the best places to enjoy the sunset. 36km from Corfu Town, sits in the northwest part of the island, below the village Peroulades. Vertical cliffs end up on a very narrow, shallow sandy beach, so narrow that when the sea is agitated, the beach disappears. This beach is not ideal for sunbathing and there are no facilities, but it has breathtaking view overlooking the Diapontia Islands, considered as one of the most beautiful spots on the island. Visitors come to relax, swim, enjoy the scenery and take photos. The best moment to visit Logas Beach is late in the afternoon, in order to enjoy the sunset.

Logas Beach on Google Maps.

Logas Beach requires following a steep path down from the top of these cliffs. Concrete staircase brings down to the seaside. Not too difficult to access, but if you can’t face the steep path to the beach, a bar at the top of the cliff has a terrace perfectly positioned to enjoy the view.

Tip: Free parking is available on the cliffs above the beach.
Tip: Near Logas Beach you can find the Cape of Drastis, a beautiful, natural landscape.

Warning: The concrete slab in the bottom can be very slippery when wet.
Warning: Pay attention to your children. The edge of the cliff is not protected.
Warning: The cliffs are made of clay and they are unstable. Beware of falling rocks.