Nymfes Waterfall

In northern Corfu there are two main waterfalls. Waterfall of Nymfes and waterfall of Kyprianades.

The village of Nymfes is about 200m above sea level. On a road leading out of the village are waterfalls, that according to the legend, fairies (Nymfes in Greek) used to live there.

In order to reach the waterfall of Nymfes you must cross through the village, turn at the main square, pass outside the local football pitch and follow a rural dirt road for 1.5km. The waterfall is best visited in the spring, after the winter rains. After April and especially in the summer, the waterfall is likely to dry up.

The road from the vilage of Nymfes to the waterfall on Google Maps.

Warning: The road is not in very good condition, so it’s better to drive slowly. Not suitable for someone unable to stand or walk easily.