Afionas – Porto Timoni

Porto Timoni – The Twin Bay

Afionas is one of the oldest villages in Corfu. In ancient times there were sentries here, set up to monitor any hostile invaders and if necessary warn the next link in the safety chain, Angelokastro by beacons. Some of the old houses are renovated and painted in bright colors.

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Afionas Square

Leaving the village square, walk along the narrow road which you see on the right of the Church towards Anemos Taverna. After about 20 – 30 minutes of walking (700m) the the Twin Bay of Porto Timoni come into view. Challenging walk, not easily accessible, but worth going to. Definitely have sneakers for the walk. The view is amazing! There’s no facilities down at the beach so make sure you take a bottle of water.

The path from Afionas Square to Porto Timoni in Google Maps.

Leaving the beaches a narrow path leads to Agios (Saint) Stylianos – A tiny Cave Church. The story is that many years ago a picture of Agios Stilianos was found on the hillside here. It was taken to the village square outside Agios Giannis Church. After some days the picture disappeared and it was found back on the hillside at Porto Timoni. So the tiny Church was built there.

Tip: You can take better pictures after midday.
Warning: It should not undertaken by anyone unsteady on their feet.