Public Transportation in Corfu

The best way to get around Corfu is by car or bus. Renting a car is also an option if you want to explore the island with more flexiblility. If you just plan on staying central to Corfu Town, your own two feet should suffice.

There are two kinds of buses in Corfu. The Blue City Bus that cover short distances near Corfu Town, Ipsos, Benitses, Achillion, Pelekas, Port and Airport. The Green Bus go further around the island and connect Corfu with mainland Greece.

In Corfu Taxi are frequent. You can find them in stations (called piatsa) or you can stop one on the road by raising your hand when a taxi passes. Taxis in Greece use a taximeter to calculate the price of your journey. You will pay a base fare of €3.60 and then €1.10 per km. Taxi drivers must have the official price list in their taxi and must turn on their counter. Keep in mind that fares are increased during the night hours (00:00 – 06:00). Sometimes on islands or remote location, taxi fares are fixed. Just ask before in order to avoid surprises. Taxi routes from/to bus stations, ports and airports with luggage heavier than 10kg and call taxi services are charged extra. Do not be surprised if you share a taxi with other people. To do so, they must ask your permission. Taxi trip sharing but the fare is not shared. Not all Corfu taxis have the POS machine needed to take credit cards. Make sure to carry change in euros to pay for your journey. Corfu Radio Taxi Phone: +30 26610 33811