Rent a Car

Summer in Corfu is a unique experience that is unforgettable for everyone. Every year the island attracts people from Europe as well as the entire planet. And while Corfu is a lively place, you will need some means of transport to enjoy it. In fact you will need a car to discover the beauties of Corfu and not just see the main touristic places. No need to worry about rushing around to get to bus stations in time and wait for the bus under the sun. Comfort is what you need when you’re on vacation.

If you plan on staying central to Corfu Town, better use buses or taxi. Finding a parking spot is a huge problem in Corfu Town center and will probably ruin your mood. One of the biggest problems you will face when driving in Corfu Town is a midday traffic jam. If you miss a turn, do not expect that you can circle the block and get back where you wanted. Many streets in Corfu Town are one way, so you may need to pass more blocks until you find a legal turn. Motorcycles will never stay behind your car. They will try to pass through the tiny space between you and the other cars.

If you want to explore the island, you can rent a car at the airport or through one of many local companies. It’s cheaper to pre-book a car rental via the Internet before arriving. Renting a motorbike or an ATV maybe sound fun but it’s not the best option. Tourists have accidents every summer on Greek roads as they are not experienced with motorbikes and ATVs. A lot of roads have potholes, lacking guardrails, and are slippery when it rains. Be careful in Ipsos as there a lot of young people who rent motorbikes just to show off and are possibly drunk too. Always wear your seatbelt or you helmet. If you have toddlers ask the rental agency for a child seat. There are frequent police blocks, especially on the highway.

In Corfu the speed limit is 70km/h on the highway and 50km/h or less in residential areas, but some people drive fast even if they are not in a hurry. While there is a good road from Sidari to Lefkimmi and from Corfu Town to Paleokastritsa, many of the roads in small villages are often very narrow so it would be better to choose a small car.

Most cars in Greece are manual. If you want to rent an automatic car, ask it in advance. Do not take it for granted that they have automatic cars.

The insurance provided for rental cars does not cover damage to the underside of the car even if they call it “Full Insurance”, so watch out for large potholes in the road and avoid renting low ground clearance cars.

Most car rental companies will allow you to take your rental car on a ferry in mainland Greece, but you may need special permission and there may be an extra cost and additional terms to use the ferry, so it’s best to tell your car rental company in advance that you plan on taking the ferry.

Car rental companies often provide a free map but it worth buying one in advance as these maps are not especially good. A lot of car rental companies also rent GPS devices, but usually these are the cheapest ones or not updated because they don’t know how to use them. If you know how to use them it’s ok, but mobile applications could be a better choice.

For any problem you may face contact the rental company. Tell them your car’s licence plate and the model of the car so they can find your rental contract. Always they give you a copy. In a police control this is all you need to show along with your driving licence.

Gas stations are usually open from early in the morning till the evening and some gas stations offering a 24h self-service.

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The office is located 400m away from the airport (Google Maps), but they deliver cars everywhere on the island.